Giftware, Statues and Features

  • Are you looking for that perfect garden pet? 
  • Do you want to make your garden come alive? 
  • Do you have that perfect position for a tranquil water feature in your garden?

Allora Gardens Nursery ensures it stands out from all other competitors in the industry – we take pride in stocking gifts from all over the world!  So if you are looking for that unique, difficult to find present for a loved one or friend, come in and browse our unique “Train Carriage Giftware Shop”.  Not all of our giftware is garden specific, so you never know what you might find….

We have the largest collection of life-size animal statues in the Northern Territory – so come and check out our zoo!  From the small meerkats and garden animals, through to the magnificent 8ft Silverback Gorilla or 8ft Buddha!  Allora Gardens can also arrange transport – both local and interstate of these wonderful statues.


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