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Positive Plants in your home

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, July 30, 2018 . Comments
Positive Plants in your home
While some plants are used for the purpose of healing and health, others have been found effective to remove negative energy, offer protection either to a person or space, or to bring positive, peaceful energy upon us. 

Why not try these 4 plants that are capable of bringing positivity into your home:

Aloe Vera:
Found today in everything from cleansers to moisturizers to food products, aloe vera is often seen as a miracle plant. This powerful plant will work in your home, both protecting your space from negativity while also attracting positive energy. Simply place it near doors and on windowsills for best results. 

Peace Lily:
With a name like the peace lily, it should come as no surprise that this beautiful flower is known for it's ability to attract and promote peace on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in our lives. An incredibly hardy plant that can survive well in even the forgotten corners of our home due to it's ability to thrive in low-light conditions.

A favourite of many in today's fast paced, high demand society, adding a cactus to your space, whether it's your home or office, can bring a little colour and nature without a significant demand for care and attention. Place at least one cactus at each of the four compass points within your home and these plants will work together to repel negativity. 

Often mistaken for nothing more than a cooking herb, basil has been used regularly throughout history. An attractor of positivity and goodwill, it is believed that placing basil around your doors or on windowsills will help attract good energy into your home. You can promote positivity in your home while also growing fresh herbs to cook with!

Happy Positive Gardening!


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