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Companion Planting

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, April 03, 2017 . Comments
Companion Planting

Companion planting is one of the oldest gardening techniques practised and has been in use long before the introduction of the chemical control of unwanted pests. Many early gardeners did not have the luxury of purchasing ready-made pest controls and had to rely heavily on what Mother Nature provided.  The success of these techniques means that many of today's gardener's are turning back to these methods.

With care and attention, companion planting will most certainly reward you with a bountiful harvest of flowers and produce, as well as a bug and disease free garden!

  • BASIL: beans, cabbage, tomato
  • DILL: cabbage, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, fennel
  • CHIVES: carrots, parsley, tomatoes
  • CORIANDER: cabbage, carrots, chervil, dill
  • GARLIC: carrots, roses, tomatoes
  • MARIGOLDS: lettuce, tomatoes, roses, beans
  • MARJORAM: most plants
  • MELONS: sweet corn
  • MINT: cabbage
  • OREGANO: cabbage, cucumber
  • PARSLEY: chives, roses, tomatoes
  • PUMPKINS:  sweet corn
  • SAGE: cabbages, carrots, strawberries
  • SILVERBEET: onions, beetroot, lavendar
  • SPINACH: strawberries
  • THYME: cabbage family
  • TOMATO: celery, parsley, basil, carrot, chives, marigolds, garlic, sweet corn
And on a final note, there are of course Bad Companion planting to be aware of too:
  • Basil & Sage
  • Chives & Beans
  • Coriander & Fennel
  • Mint & Parsley
  • Rosemary & Potatoes
Until next time....HAPPY GARDENING!!


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