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April is the month of Herbs and Veggies!

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, April 01, 2019 . Comments
April is the month of Herbs and Veggies!

The Dry Season is on it's way....

Which means that it's time to start growing your own fresh produce, and we have a great range of homegrown herbs and veggies to get you started!

"Fresh is Best" when it comes to what we eat!

April is all about Herbs and Vegetables and we are so excited about our homegrown Ghost Chilli's and our Tasty Tomato plants and our easy to care for Eggplant and much much more! We love how easy it is to grow fresh produce in the dry season! Make a mojito with your very own mint or grow fresh parsley to add to your pasta and salads. Not only will you be eating fresh but you will also be enjoying the benefits of gardening! 

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