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Wet Season Gardening

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, December 18, 2017 . Comments
Wet Season Gardening
During the wet season, the monsoons come in from the north bringing nearly 2 metres of rain, the creeks and rivers fill and flood and stretch out across the flood plain. Lightening streaks the sky making the rain rich with nitrogen so there is an explosion of plant growth. It is hot and humid and soil microbes are waiting to feast on anything that settles on the ground. It is a time when vegetable matter turns into compost in no time at all.

The wet season is the planting season! If trees are planted now they will have six months of long sunny days, high humidity and plenty of water to settle in, and as the dry comes their roots will actively seek out water deeper down to make them good strong drought resistant trees. 

The wet season is also a perfect time to be propagating by cuttings. With 99% humidity it is nearly impossible for plant material to dehydrate and die. It is usual to have a 90% strike rate. To give the maximum success rate, take the cuttings from the parent plant early in the morning when it is full of moisture, and make sure that cuttings are taken from stems that are actively growing, although not those with new fresh leaves. 

Getting out in the garden is great when there is so much to be done and when everything is growing so quickly, but in the heat of the day the best thing is to be able to sit in the garden and relax and enjoy it.

Happy Gardening!


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