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Want to learn more about Air Plants?

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, February 26, 2018 . Comments
Want to learn more about Air Plants?

This weekend, Sunday 4th March

10:30am - 11:30am

$30 per person

Gayan will be speaking about:

  • The different types of Tillandsia and Air Plants
  • Various ways of how we can grow them
  • The media we grow them in and how to care for them
  • Inventive ways of displaying them to enhance and beautify your home and/or office.

Update from Allora:

We are in the process of growing our very own herb and vegetable plants for the upcoming dry season! They should be ready to purchase in late March/Early April. (Weather permitting)

We have have had a new arrival of CANNA fertiliser products, great liquid based fertilisers for any garden and especially for fruiting and flowering plants.

For more information on CANNA products or on ways you can prepare your garden for the dry, come in and see us or call 89 844 006.

Happy Gardening!


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