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Tropical Trees

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, September 18, 2017 . Comments
Tropical Trees

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago... The next best time is NOW!

We have some of the best tropical trees in the country! So if you have the space and would also like to create shady areas around your home with a pleasant show of colour during different times of the year, now is the time for some forward thinking and planting for the future.

Here are two of my absolute favourites; they are relatively easy to grow and care for!

  • Pongamia - Milletia Pinnata: A handsome medium sized tree with a lovely rounded crown, glossy dark green leaves that contrast well with the masses of showy pink, purple and white flowers that bloom just before the wet season. The flowers are highly perfumed at night. It is quite hardy once established however fastest growth rates and better leaf coverage and retention are observed with additional watering.
  • Lolliopop Tree - Mimusops Elengi: An elegant large tree with deeply cracked bark and attractive dense dark green foliage that contrasts well with the scented cream flowers and the bright red-orange fruits seen in the dry season. Virtually pest and disease free! For best growth, mulch deeply and give light applications of organic fertiliser.
Happy Tree Planting!


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