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Tropical Gardening

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, October 16, 2017 . Comments
Tropical Gardening

Plants need to be treated differently in warm climates. The affect of temperature creates different growth responses to those seen in cooler areas. These responses are generally seen as:

  • Faster Growth;
  • An extended growing season;
  • More tender and sappy growth.
The warm climate also tends to encourage a greater amount of pests and disease problems. This is the result of extended breeding periods available to the pests. The higher humidity that occurs in many warm climates also promotes fungal diseases. It is important to note that this should not be seen as a disadvantage; warm climate plants have adapted to the climate and to the increased incidence of such pests and diseases. Damage is either resisted or overcome by abundant growth, or tolerated by most plants. In affect, it is the plants not suited to the climate or the site - that become most affected by the pests and diseases.

In humid warm climates, spacing can be critical for many plants. Tropical plants like humidity therefor appreciate close spacing so that nearby plants help to maintain a humid microclimate. However, if temperate plants are grown in warmer climates this close spacing may lead to plant death due to increased humidity. By spacing these plants further apart, the ventilation will remove excess humidity and the plants should have a better chance of survival.

Spacing can also be used to reduce the incidence of diseases. If plants are crowded too closely competition for sunlight, water and nutrients may lead to slowing down of plant growth. This in turn may lead to poor plant health and pest attack. When spacing plants out in the garden, consider the natural spread of the plant and the overall appearance desired in the garden.


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