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Prepare your Garden for the DRY!

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, March 27, 2017 . Comments
Prepare your Garden for the DRY!

With the wet season finally coming to an end (we hope), it is now time to take action in your garden and prepare for the Dry Season ahead.

We always get super excited around this time of year because it is the time when we can start growing herbs and veggies and all those other goodies that don't really like to stick around for the wet (we don't blame them).  Preparing your garden and choosing the right plants is important in establishing a garden that is not going to rely on copious amounts of water everyday.  Nowadays a lot of us a time poor so the trick is to build a garden or an oasis that you can enjoy, not one that you have to slog over.

Moisture is definitely vital during the dry season! You want to make sure your plants retain moisture and these are a few tips on how to achieve that:

  • Make sure your soil's fertility and condition is good for this will be important for your plants. You can purchase a good quality potting mix and mix it with your existing soil. Add some good quality compost; this will provide enough moisture to you plants.
  • Organic contents added to your soil when planting will improve your soil's structure and preserve moisture as well.
  • You can also use water-retentive gel to compost in containers or hanging baskets, or use compost with the gel in it too.
It is very seldom that plants absorb water from their leaves. Most of them suck up water from their roots.  This means that it is imperative that you have a good quality potting mix to ensure that the soil is draining well and reaching the roots that need it the most.

There are also certain plants that can survive the dry weather, especially those that originated in a hot climate and grew not needing a lot of water.  We would be more than happy to show you a range of drought tolerant plants in-store today.


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