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Plants to avoid around children and pets.

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, July 10, 2017 . Comments
Plants to avoid around children and pets.

House plants play several beneficial roles in our home environment. They provide visual interest to the home, purify the air, and may be edible or medicinal. Some common plants, such as Aloe Vera are a common staple for most kitchens, praised for their easy care, beautiful shape, and soothing gel. They are also listed as a toxic house plant, along with many other commonly grown plants.

Toxic plants can be a hazard to children and pets, as well as to elderly persons with dementia. Whereas it is advisable to keep all plants out of the reach of those who might crush, eat, or taste them, it is not always possible to prevent accidental encounters. 

Poisoning can occur from:

  • Eating or touching leaves
  • Ingesting berries, blossoms or roots
  • Skin contact with sap or juices
  • Drinking water from plant tray
Before you purchase that Philodendron or lovely lily, learn which common plants can pose the biggest threat to the more vulnerable members of your home.

Philodendron     Mildly   Yes   Yes
Arrowhead   Mildly   Mildly   Mildly
Lily   Moderately   Moderately   Yes
Peace Lily   Yes   Yes   Yes
Dieffenbachia   Moderately   Moderately   Moderately
Oleander   Extremely   Extremely   Extremely
Caladium   Yes    Yes   Yes


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