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Plants that want to live in your bathroom!

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, June 18, 2018 . Comments
Plants that want to live in your bathroom!
Why not turn your bathroom into an green oasis?
It actually makes perfect sense. Most plants like moisture; most bathrooms have moisture to spare. Most bathrooms have a skylight or a window to provide enough light. 

Here are the plants that we suggest you try:

Known as the plant that is basically impossible to kill-it is said to need very little water and low to medium light. 

Though they are known to be a bit fussy, the steamy environment of a bathroom makes them feel right at home. Make sure they have access to bright filtered light.

The iconic houseplant from the 70s, is a natural for the bathroom! This super easy-going plant is fine without much light and enjoys the moisture. Plus, it's one of the best plants for removing indoor air pollution.

There are more than 730 types of plants within the Tillandsia genus. And they are seriously the world's easiest houseplant. They don't need soil and they can get most of their water from the air when in a moist environment.

A member of the lily family, low-light is fine, neglect is tolerated. And it's tall slender leaves add a lot of flair. 


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