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Old Man's Whiskers

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, June 12, 2017 . Comments
Old Man's Whiskers

Do you struggle at keeping plants alive in or outside your house? Then you need to try "Old Man's Whiskers"!

This amazing plant is a wonder of nature; in habitat it appears to live only on air. Tillandsia Usneoides is a member of the Airplant family. A plant consists of hundreds if not thousands of individual plants, growing in long strings, with new plants forming at the tips. Small green flowers and unusual long seed pods appear in the summer.

Spanish moss does not produce roots and can be tied or draped on objects, the moss grows well in shade outdoors or in good light indoors. Avoid hot or dry environments and full sun unless sprinkler systems are installed or regular watering is available. Spanish moss will tolerate full sun in moister climates; in arid climates it must be sheltered.

Watering is essential for good growth, a soaking every day or two in summer and fortnightly in the cooler months will keep the plant at peak condition. Occasional fertiliser in the water will speed up growth.

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