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Growing Orchids in Darwin

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, May 01, 2017 . Comments
Growing Orchids in Darwin

Darwin has the right climate for growing a wide range of Orchids including lowland tropical species and the many colourful hybrids.  Orchids are easy to grow and are less trouble to care for than many other shade house or garden plants.

Dendrobiums, Vandas, Cattelyas, Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis and many other varieties grow well in Darwin. Some, such as Vanda, Aranda and Renanthera can grow out in FULL SUNSHINE.  They like to be clustered around short Livistonia palm poles or tied onto garden palms.

Others, like some of the species and hybrids of Dendrobium will be quite happy growing on the stems of Frangipani and other trees that give some shade in the garden.

Orchids will grow well in plastic or terracotta pots, in teak baskets or on slabs of wood, cork, or a nicely shaped hardwood log.  Vandas can even be grown on a length of wire.  All must provide free drainage and good ventilation.

For potting, a well drained mix must be provided - it could be bark, charcoal, local laterite, "Blue Metal", local crushed granite or pieces of broken brick.  All material should be large, 20mm or so, and there is only a need for a small quantity to be used.

A daily watering, wetting the plant all over in the morning and if necessary (dry season) a quick watering late in the afternoon, don't over water as it causes roots to rot. Orchids like to dry out in between waterings.


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