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Four Steps to Successful Planting

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Four Steps to Successful Planting

Step One

Dig your holes twice the width of the pot your plants are in and loosen the bottom soil for soft easy soil for the roots to push through. Add gypsum if needed

Step Two

Place 1-2 typhoon tablets or a small amount of slow release Osmocote to the bottom of each hole. This will feed your plants for up to 6-12 months. The amount of fertiliser will depend on the size of each of your plants. Water thoroughly.

Step Three

If using manure or other organic fertiliser do not put at the bottom of the hole put at the top above the soil. Plant your tree/plant and in a band around your plant at least a good 8cm away from the trunk, apply a ring of the fertiliser and water thoroughly.

Step Four

Mulch your plants/garden and water your plants thoroughly if you have already done that yet. The mulch will help retain some of the water especially on those hot days. Mix up some liquid fertiliser eg. Seasol solution in a watering can and pour onto your plants to give them an extra boost.

Do not exceed the recommended dose of fertiliser. Make sure to measure it properly if you have to purchase separate containers or spoons, make sure to label them with the name that they are used for do not use to measure or mix with anything else. 


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