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For the love of CITRUS..

Tiffany Cornell . Monday, April 17, 2017 . Comments
For the love of CITRUS..

Whether it's oranges, lemons, mandarin, kumquats, grapefruit or limes, there's a citrus variety to suit every taste and they can be grown right here in our beautiful top end climate.  

On hot dry days be super mindful that your citrus trees will need a drink. Consistent and even water ensure juicy fruit, and happy healthy trees.

Young trees need to be encouraged to grow in strength and stature, let them develop and really get some size for a couple of seasons.  The tree knows when it's best to hold onto the fruit, if your young tree drops fruit buds, don't worry, it's just not ready to fruit yet.

Citrus are very greedy, they have big appetites, if you haven't applied any tucker for a while it's time to get out the all purpose fertiliser NOW! All purpose fertiliser has all the nutrients and essential elements for the perfect balanced growth.  Use a control release fertiliser for potted trees. Apply tonics in between times, up to every 2 weeks in the warm weather, they will keep vigour in the trees root system and quality tonics encourage and support flower production, which ultimately means more fruit - YUM!


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